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Tax Advisory

Virtually all business decisions today have tax implications and the rules are in constant flux. Increasingly, companies face a daunting task in managing their tax requirements efficiently. Thus, practical and well-crafted tax solutions are now a critical part of an effective business strategy. 

Our cumulative wealth of experience in tax advice and compliance expertise on a range of taxation issues, for both companies and individuals alike, have made Beaufort a strategic business partner with many of  our clients.


Tax Advisory Focus

We collaborate closely with our client to achieve the following:

  • To identify and implement tax strategies that work best within the organization to minimise tax liability.

  • To optimise domestic and international tax positions by identifying appropriate tax incentives and financial grants from the relevant government authorities as well as though indirect taxation and transfer pricing.

  • To ensure compliance with domestic and international tax laws.

Types of BEAUFORT Tax Advisory Services
  • Corporate tax service for different industries (property investment holding, export and import trading, services, Food and Beverage)

  • Partnership tax service

  • Personal tax service

  • Goods and services tax (GST) service

  • Withholding Tax compliance

  • Tax structuring and planning

  • Tax audit

  • Attending and replying to queries raised by the Comptroller


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