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Singapore Private Limited Company



The Private Limited Company is the most popular business entity in Singapore.

Unlike business entities such as a Sole Proprietorship and Partnership, it has a separate legal status from its shareholders and directors who have limited liabilities for the debts and losses of the company.


It has the rights to own properties. It usually has the words ‘Pte Ltd’ or ‘Ltd’ as part of its name. In many European countries or the US, it is commonly known as a corporation.


Beaufort is Singapore’s leading specialist in Singapore company registration. You can engage Beaufort to assist you with the registration of a Singapore Private Limited Company with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, ACRA.


Features of a Private Limited Company


  • A legal entity separate and distinct from its shareholders and directors

  • It can sue or be sued in its own name

  • A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50 shareholders

  • A subsidiary company, with at least one individual shareholder with minimum of 10 percent shareholding, is entitled to local tax and development incentives


Singapore Company Incorporation Requirements


  • Minimum 1 Shareholder

  • 1 Resident Director

  • 1 Company Secretary

  • Minimum paid-up capital of S$1

  • A Singapore Registered Office Address


Tax Exemption for Qualifying New Start-up Companies


Singapore tax regime recognizes the importance of easing cash flow for startup companies in their initial years of operation, therefore the system, extends support in the form of sizeable exemptions to resident companies.





If you are a Singapore Resident who wishes to incorporate a Singapore company, the following must be fulfilled:


  1. Engage Beaufort to incorporate your Singapore company with ACRA

  2. You can also drop in at our office and we can help you register with ACRA in less than hour, once you provide all the documents.

PROCESS - Steps and Procedures

The Beaufort Company Registration Process is Simple and Beaufort makes Incorporation a Breeze.

  1. SUBMIT - Application Form
  2. MAKE PAYMENT - Payment and Documents
  3. INCORPORATE - Your Company

There are some Documents Required for Incorporating a Singapore Private Limited Company.


The Beaufort Company Registration Process is Simple and Beaufort makes Incorporation a Breeze.

  • Company Name
  • Brief Description of Business Activities
  • Shareholders Particulars
  • Directors Particulars
  • Registered Address
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