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Singapore S Pass



Beaufort is a licensed MOM employment agency, offers Singapore S Pass application services to render further assistance to employers intending to apply S Pass for their foreign staff, especially companies which are newly registered in Singapore.


The S Pass is issued to mid-level skilled workers who wish to work in Singapore. 


The Singapore S Pass application is assessed based on a point system with consideration for each of the following factors: salary, education qualifications, skills, job type and work experience.


Our Singapore S Pass Application services cover:


  • Pre-application information and advising

  • Filing and application of work pass

  • Tracking of application status while under processing

  • Liaising with Direct MOM officer in charge, if required

  • Responding to MOM’s requests for additional information, if any

  • Arranging for issuance of the pass upon in-principle approval (IPA)

  • Filing of unlimited appeal in case of rejection of S Pass application


Don’t leave your Employment Pass application to chance.


  • Leverage our expertise today for the best results!

  • Call us at +65 62277 269 or Contact Beaufort Now for a free consultation.

Quota and Levy




The number of S Pass holders that a Singapore company is allowed to hire is limited by quota (oe Dependency Ratio Ceiling) and subject to levy.  The levy rates vary from industry sector to industry sector.  The rates are tiered so that those who hire close to the maximum quota will pay higher levy. In general the more foreign workers you hire, the higher your foreign workers' levy rate and your levy bill.



Tier 1: Basic


Sector Dependency Ratio (SDR) : <=10%


Currenct Levy Rate $315

Current Daily Levy Rate $10.36

Levy Rate (from 1 July 2016) $330



Tier 2: Services


Sector Dependency Ratio (SDR) : 10% to 15%


Currenct Levy Rate $550

Current Daily Levy Rate $18.09

Levy Rate (from 1 July 2016) $650



Tier 3: Other Sectors


Sector Dependency Ratio (SDR) : 10% to 20%


Currenct Levy Rate $550

Current Daily Levy Rate $18.09

Levy Rate (from 1 July 2016) $650




NOTE: All the above information on this page is correct as of July 2015.




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