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Singapore Permanent Residence Application



Beaufort is one-stop corporate service provider, has been providing professional immigration services since 1998. You can leave your concerns to rest and trust our specialists to provide a thorough assessment of all factors of your Permanent Residence application, and ensure that it meets the current standards of review.


The most popular scheme for permanent residence in Singapore is the Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS Scheme). It enables professionals working in Singapore under an Employment Pass, PEP or EntrePass to apply for permanent residence. 


Our Singapore PR Application services cover:


  • Booking the appointment date with the ICA;

  • Identifying and highlighting the strong aspects of your application;

  • Advising on useful supporting documentation;

  • Ensuring that the correct documents are submitted;

  • Identifying any discrepancies in your documents and providing possible solutions to remedy these;

  • Preparing and collating the application;

  • One of our team members will attend the appointment with you; and

  • In the event that your application is rejected, unlimited appeals within 6 months from date of rejection, provided there are material changes to your initial application/new information to submit.


Don’t leave your Employment Pass application to chance.


  • Leverage our expertise today for the best results!

  • Call us at +65 62277 269 or Contact Beaufort Now for a free consultation.

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