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Foreign Individual Incorporation Options
Setting Up A Company In Singapore

If you are an individual who’s planning on starting a company in Singapore, you have come to the right page. Here are the incorporation options for foreign individuals who are planning on setting up a business in Singapore.


There are two main work visas options if you wish to relocate to Singapore to run your business.


However, if you do not wish to relocate to Singapore, you may engage us for our Nominee Director service.

This package is suitable for entrepreneurs who wish to setup a Singapore company but don’t plan to relocate to Singapore. This package includes the provision and services of a nominee resident director in order to comply with Singapore statutory requirements.

This package is suitable for entrepreneurs or professionals who wish to set up a company in Singapore and relocate to the city-state to run company operations. The Singapore company will have to be incorporated first before the Employment Pass application can be processed.

This package is suitable for technopreneurs who wish to have a presence in Singapore and relocate to the republic to run company operations. R&D-intensive enterprises including those in the cleantech and biotech sectors, stand a better chance of having their EntrePass approved.

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