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The Beaufort Company Registration Process is Simple and Beaufort makes Incorporation a Breeze.


The Documents Required for Registering a Singapore Representative Office.

  • Completed application

  • Copy of the parent Company’s Certificate of Incorporation

  • Copy of the parent Company’s latest annual report and audited accounts

  • Duly endorsed undertaking to abide by the Terms and Conditions governing Representative Offices in Singapore


In the event when the annual report and audited accounts are not available (for example when the parent company is relatively new), you can self-declare the needed information and provide other supporting details such as company brochures, contracts, website, etc. to support your application.  All documents submitted must be in English or an official English translation of the documents.


Generally the approval process is simple, as long as the required documents are valid and the intended Singapore Representative Office activities are within the scope allowed.  In some cases, International Enterprise Singapore may request for additional information for further clarifications.


All documents must be in English and any non-English documents must be translated into English.


Please note the following:

All official documents must be in English or officially translated into English. If you have trouble getting the non-English documents translated, we can assist you to do the same for a fee.


If you are overseas, you can email or post us the photocopies of the official documents. Upon receiving the required documents and payment, we will prepare the incorporation documents to be duly signed either in Singapore before us or overseas before Notary Public or at the Singapore Embassy.

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