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Beaufort Corporate Services

As a Singapore one-stop corporate solutions provider, Beaufort Corporate Services has consistently helped Local & Foreign small and medium sized enterprises, start-ups and companies like you remain in compliance with authorities as well as avoid unnecessary penalties or losses.


Running a company is hard work. Let us take some tasks off your plate so that you can focus on growing your business.


Our suite of corporate services include as below.


Corporate Secretary Singapore – Retainer Services

Every firm must appoint a company secretary within 6 months of the date of its incorporation. As officers of a firm, company secretaries help fulfil a range of duties. A Company Secretary must be a resident of Singapore, and have sound knowledge of the Companies Act. We can provide your firm with this service on annual retainer basis.


Singapore Nominee Services

The Companies Act requires all private limited companies in Singapore to have at least one individual director who is ‘ordinarily’ resident in Singapore. If you do not have a resident director to meet the requirement of the Companies Act, you can engage Beaufort Nominee Director Services. Beaufort also provide the services of a Nominee Agent and Shareholder.


Registered Address Office Services

Registered Address and Virtual Office Service 


We can provide your firm with a registered address in Singapore’s premium commercial zone, the Central Business District (CBD). This address can be reflected on your business card, letterhead and corporate collaterals.


Director’s Report / Unaudited Report

Companies exempt from audit are required to submit a Director’s Report as part of their annual filing requirements. This part of a system of checks and balances to ensure sound financial practices, and in turn, enhance investors’ confidence and uphold shareholders’ interest. Beaufort can help draft your company’s annual director’s report.


Statutory Compliance for Singapore Companies

As a registered company in Singapore, you are to comply with the statutory requirements stipulated in the Companies Act. This includes fulfilling the annual filing requirements to Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) in a timely manner.


De-registration / Striking-Off a Company

De-registration / Striking-Off a Singapore Company


The Companies Act allows ACRA to strike a company off the Register if there is reason to believe that the firm has ceased operations or has met certain conditions. Please read on to find out more about the conditions for striking off.


Trademarks Registration

Trademarks are signs used by a business  to distinguish their goods or services from those of other players in the market. Commonly-used symbols to identify a trademark are ® and TM. In Singapore, intellectual property acquisition and registration are eligible for PIC benefits.  We can register your trademark in Singapore on your behalf.


Tax Advisory

Virtually all business decisions today have tax implications and the rules are in constant flux. Increasingly, companies face a daunting task in managing their tax requirements efficiently. Thus, practical and well-crafted tax solutions are now a critical part of an effective business strategy. 


Document Drafting

Having contracts and documents in order is pivotal to the success of a business, but this can be a costly exercise for start-ups and SMEs. We can assist in providing cost-effective document drafting services for most small businesses.


Choose an Incorporation package now.

Planning to Start a Company in Singapore?  You have come to the correct place.  Beaufort Corporate Services is the expert in incorporating companies since 2004 and we will "hold-your-hands" through the process. 


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