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Singapore Company Registration + Nominee Director



If you are an individual who wishes to start a company in Singapore but does not want to relocate to Singapore to run company operations, you need to:


  1. Appoint a trusted contact or

  2. Take up Beaufort's Resident Nominee Director Service in order to fulfil the Singapore companies’ statutory requirement of a resident director.


Singapore Company Registration Requirements


  • Minimum 1 shareholder

  • 1 Resident Director

  • 1 Company Secretary

  • Minimum paid-up capital of S$1

  • A local registered office address




If you are a foreign individual who wishes to incorporate a Singapore company and relocate to Singapore, you will need to do the following:


  1. Engage Beaufort to register your Singapore company

  2. Appoint a Singapore Resident Director

  3. Or use our local Resident Nominee Director

  4. Apply for your Employment Pass

  5. Relocate to Singapore and start your business


We can provide you with a local Resident Nominee Director on a long-term basis or a temporary one until you find a suitable local director to represent your company. We will transfer the directorship once you have appointed a new local Singapore Resident Director.


All company registration including work pass application can be handled without you having to be in Singapore.

PROCESS - Steps and Procedures

The Beaufort Company Registration Process is Simple and Beaufort makes Incorporation a Breeze.

  1. SUBMIT - Application Form
  2. PREPARE - Documents and Payment
  3. INCORPORATE - Your Company
  4. APPLY - Employment Pass

There are some Documents Required for Incorporating a Singapore Company.


The Beaufort Company Registration Process is Simple and Beaufort makes Incorporation a Breeze.

  • Shareholders and Directors - Identification and Proof Documents
  • Nominee Director Service - Reference Letter and Form
  • Employment Pass (EP) - Checklist and Form
  • Depedent Pass (DP) - Checklist
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