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Corporate Services

Beaufort offers full range of statutory and administrative services, including establishment of Singapore business entities as well as offshore companies, maintenance of statutory records and statutory compliance.

By appointing Beaufort as your Company's Corporate Secretary Agent and delegating such administrative and statutory functions to us, you can be sure you will meet your full statutory obligations.

Roles of BEAUFORT Secretary
Our role as your Corporate Secretary Agent includes but not limited to the following:

Provision of named Company Secretary
Provision of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) as company secretary of the your company

Company Constitution
Ensuring that the company complies with its constitution; drafting and incorporating amendments in accordance with correct procedures

Corporate Governance
Reviewing developments in corporate governance and advising and assisting the directors with respect to their duties and responsibilities and compliance with their personal obligations under company law.

General Compliance
Monitoring and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, particularly under the Companies Act.

Board Meetings
Discussing and preparing meeting agendas with the chairman and /or the chief executive; attending meetings, taking minutes; updating minute books; certifying copies of minutes; and ensuring that correct procedures are followed.

General Meetings
Preparing and obtaining Board's consent on all documentation for circulation to shareholders; co-ordinating the administration and attending meetings, taking minutes; and ensuring that correct procedures are followed.

Share Registration
Maintaining the company's register of members; dealing with transfers and other matters affecting shareholdings; and dealing with queries and requests from shareholders.

Statutory Registers and Books
Maintaining and updating of the Company’s statutory registers and records

Statutory Returns
Updating ACRA on:
any changes in the director(s) of a company or particulars relating to director(s)
changes to a directors name or residential address
removal from office in accordance with the Act or constitution
disqualification from holding office
annual return
change of company name
adoption, alteration and revocation of constitution
issue of shares
any other changes that requires updating with ACRA

Company Seal
Ensuring the safe custody and proper use of the company seal if provided for in the company constitution

ACRA Compliance Alert & Reminders
Sending reminder letters on the due date of Annual General Meeting and Annual Return of your company to ensure timely submission of necessary documents to ACRA
Sending updates and newsletters on corporate legislation amendments to keep you abreast of any developments in the Singapore corporate legislations and thus facilitate corporate decision making of your company

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